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Expert Ergonomics services to reduce discomfort and pain at work

We help to unlock productivity and meet HSE DSE regulations through evidence-based ergonomics solutions so you and your team can deliver your best work

Individual Ergonomics Assessments for the office and home, in person and remotely, on a global scale

Automated and cost effective assessment software to educate, train and assess risk in the workplace for home and office workers, designed by our experts


Wide range of bespoke services to meet all your ergonomics requirements, from design consultations to guides

Variety of expert workshops, webinars and courses, provided remotely and in person

Why use Inspired Ergonomics?


Qualified and highly experienced ergonomists and physiotherapists only, going beyond a basic DSE assessment ensuring long-term benefits

Range of services

As expert ergonomists we can provide a well rounded and extensive range of ergonomics consultancy services to support your employees

Global provision

Based in London, working with national and international companies, both in person and remotely


We are not linked to particular equipment providers and therefore can recommend the most cost effective and suitable solution for you

Human Centric

No one approach fits all, we focus on a highly individualised approach, concentrating on behavioural change and psychological support, encouraging the employee to proactively look after their physical wellbeing for the long term

Happy loyal clients

Our range of small to large corporations, from law firms to universities, have remained with us for years, enabling us to support them as they grow and meeting their changing needs

Are you responsible for employee wellbeing?

Effortless compliance

Want to know the legal rules of how you should look after your employees health and wellbeing? We can help you become compliant with the HSE DSE and WELL building regulations.

Reduce risk and enhance wellbeing

Want a happier, healthier team? We can provide both preventative and reactive approaches to help you look after your staff’s physical wellbeing, both at home and in the office, encouraging a return to the office whilst supporting homeworking.  Liberate workers from the distraction caused by discomfort and pain when they are working.

Improve your bottom line

By improving productivity, retention of staff and reducing absenteeism, ergonomics solutions have proven to provide, on average, £3 return for every £1 spent by addressing one of the leading cause of sick leave, musculoskeletal injury.

Are you an employee?

Ergonomics assessment for all work settings

We enable every worker to continue with their career goals unhindered, wherever they are working from, be it the office, home, factory or laboratory.

Evidence-based posture solutions

We educate workers to proactively optimise their working behaviours, to enhance productivity by reducing the risk of discomfort and musculoskeletal injury in the workplace, for the long term.

Personalised approach

We ensure each worker feels listened to and valued, guiding them towards additional resources where needed.

The HSE DSE regulations requires employers to provide ergonomics support when they first begin work and when there has been a change in circumstances such as:

5 Things You Must Know Before Buying An Ergonomic Chair

Whether in the office, using a dedicated or hot desk, home working or using a third space, optimise working behaviours.  

Negate effects of long working hours

Retain staff, attract talent and improve your bottom line

HSE DSE regulations have been updated to include the requirement to look after regular homeworkers

The Well Building standard requires the inclusion of ergonomics for full compliance

Explosion of Back Pain: Help prevent the triple impact of the below factors impacting on your employees back health 

  1. The effect of homeworking in unsuitable environments on physical and mental health.
  2. Young employees already struggling due to increased exposure from an early age
  3. An ageing workforce (Over 70% of UK population growth between 2014 and 2039 will be in the over 60 age group, an increase from 14.9 to 21.9 million people

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