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There is a paper written by Professor Leon Straker, from Curtin University, where he talks about 'The Goldilocks principle in designing physical activity at work to be 'just right' for promoting health.
The Goldilocks principle comes from, you guessed it, the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. It is frequently described as 'The concept ...

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Delighted that the beautiful On Office Magazine (providing architect and design at work news) have included my article in their October Issue.

'To mark Backcare Awareness Week, leading UK back-pain-prevention expert and Health Ergonomist Nichola Adams offers practical advice on coping with the growing challenges of working from home

Nichola ...

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FSB MAGAZINE, THE VOICE Thank you so much to Peter Crush for including me in his comprehensive article on Stress relief for the new homeworkers.
He discusses how the ongoing situation means many people are working from home for the first time, with all the challenges that brings. He Looks at how small business owners can go about protecting ...

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I had the pleasure of meeting (remotely) and chatting with Barbara McLullich recently. She is inspirational and she kindly agreed to share her back pain story with me, and how she came to set up her award winning blog, all about back pain. So I have pleasure in including her story below:

My 38-year journey with back pain

(… and ...

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A BIG thank you to Barbara for including the below article on her back pain blog. To see the full article see the following link

10 ...


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