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Today’s post might be a a wake-up call to some people. The way we treat our bodies at work is often shocking!

We know one size doesn’t fit all… But even beyond differences in body sizes and shapes, there is something else that we

The Joy in Ergonomics

How many companies forget human factors when it comes to designing for success? We have designed their office but what about their joy? In

With more and more people choosing to, or having to work later into their lives, there are some critical factors we need

You won’t hear many children say that! As a child, Nichola certainly didn’t have it in her head to follow an ambition

Embracing Innovation!

Creative minds have shaped the way in which we can tackle issues as Ergonomists. We are deeply passionate about product design and

One fascinating topic that impacts the lives of many professionals out there is fatigue management and when and where shift work or

Do You Have Time For That?

Do you have time for that? We often focus on the “what” and “where” when it comes to ergonomics – the right postures,

Are you aware of the profound impact light can have on your productivity mood, and overall well-being?Getting lighting conditions right is an

An Inspired Generation!

In this fast-paced, tech-savvy era, the younger generations are undoubtedly the ones who are leading the narrative about mindset. Now more than

Forward-thinking companies should always adopt an upgrade culture. The concept of an upgrade has become synonymous with progress and improvement. Just as

Over the past couple of years, hybrid working has become a prominent feature of our professional lives. With the advent of technology