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From the Desk of Nichola Adams

An Inspired Generation!

In this fast-paced, tech-savvy era, the younger generations are undoubtedly the ones who are leading the narrative about mindset. Now more than ever people have come to recognise the significance of our ‘mental outlook’ on our overall wellbeing.

However, can the power of mindset truly guide us into achieving that elusive balance and taking care of our wellbeing? Reading posts from some people on Linkedin there seems to be a dichotomy between talking about mindset and then struggling to find balance and wellbeing? So maybe the issue is that mindset alone is not the answer?

Acknowledging the impact of our thoughts and attitudes is of course, an important step towards a healthier and more balanced life. A positive and resilient mindset can help empower people to navigate the challenges that come along with greater clarity.

Finding equilibrium between our personal and professional lives can be a perpetual struggle. Yet, it seems, with the right mindset, we can redefine “what balance means to us”. Embracing self-compassion and setting realistic expectations allows us to avoid burnout and prioritise self-care.

At Inspired Ergonomics, we believe that nurturing wellbeing encompasses more than just a positive outlook. We understand how our environment, culture, systems profoundly impact how we feel and function. From the chair we sit on to the processes we use, understanding human factors and how they impact us plays a pivotal role in enhancing comfort and productivity.

The key lies in adopting a holistic approach to wellbeing. Mindset and ergonomics sit alongside each other as interconnected pillars within the foundation of our physical and mental health. Awareness and education are needed to enable us to make better decisions.

Will GenZ be the generation that not only talks about mindset but also embodies it through actions? Leading the way to a healthier, happier workplace? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Nichola Adams

Founder of Inspired Ergonomics

Nichola Adams, MSc Health Ergonomics, Tech CIEHF, ACPOHE Reg Member, is the Founder of Inspired Ergonomics.

Nichola is a specialist in back pain disorders in the workplace. Inspired Ergonomics regularly provides consultancy services to leading UK and International companies on how to reduce and prevent back pain in the workplace as well as working with rehabilitation companies.

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We can demonstrate that healthier, happier and nurtured employees perform better, are more dedicated, loyal and become evangelists for your brand. With our focus on desk space and comfort, we free your employees’ minds from any pain distractions that keep them working to their full potential, easing the distress and discomfort that back pain can cause.

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