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Climate Quitting, Ergonomics, and Purposeful Work

The concept of climate quitting, where individuals leave their jobs due to a lack of sustainability efforts, is gaining momentum in the wake of growing environmental awareness.

But it goes beyond just environmental concerns, it’s deeply intertwined with our sense of purpose, happiness, and the way we work.

Ergonomists have always been concerned about human factors which influence the way we feel about work and where we are working. As companies try and navigate new ways of working, aligning their people’s values and purpose with the needs of the company become ever more important.

Spending hours commuting to an office that may not align with an employees values from a wellbeing or sustainability standpoint.

Ergonomic solutions are being used to enable people to work safely and productively on the move with less emphasis on just one place of work. As part of this, a change in company culture to embrace a narrative which enables flexible work arrangements and looks at reduced commute times can lower carbon emissions, and potentially create a more purposeful work environment that aligns with both organisational and employees’ values around climate issues.

The desire to work for a company which prioritises environmental sustainability is increasingly important for many individuals. Aligning personal values with the company’s sustainability efforts not only enhances employee well-being but also creates a sense of purpose and fulfilment in contributing to a bigger cause.

Asking ourselves tough questions about the purpose and impact of our work is essential for personal growth and career satisfaction. It’s a journey of self-discovery that may lead people to seek more fulfilling roles and companies that align with these values and passions for sustainability and responsible business practices will find it easier to retain staff.

Nichola Adams

Founder of Inspired Ergonomics

Nichola Adams, MSc Health Ergonomics, Tech CIEHF, ACPOHE Reg Member, is the Founder of Inspired Ergonomics.

Nichola is a specialist in back pain disorders in the workplace. Inspired Ergonomics regularly provides consultancy services to leading UK and International companies on how to reduce and prevent back pain in the workplace as well as working with rehabilitation companies.

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