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From the Desk of Nichola Adams

Leading the Way to Better Ergonomics

In our formative years, we instinctively engage in games like “Follow the Leader.” These childhood games teach us valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork, and the importance of setting a positive example. Just as children follow the leader’s actions, organisations can benefit immensely from leaders who lead by example in implementing better ergonomics.

Leaders who prioritise and demonstrate proper ergonomics practices send a clear message to their teams. They show that the well-being and comfort of employees are paramount.

How as a leader in your business can you be practically demonstrating the benefits of working well? Here are 5 simple action points you can take!

1. Workstation Setup
You can ensure your own workstation has been assessed and adjustments made to help with comfort and productivity. Use a laptop stand when you are working in the cafe area. Talk about the benefits of using proper equipment and taking the time to get comfortable.

2. Take regular breaks yourself!
Stand up, and move around. This will not only boost your own productivity and creativity but it also sets a precedent for employees to prioritise their health and comfort.

3. Training and Awareness
As a leader, participate yourself in ergonomic training and awareness programs, showcase your commitment to the cause.

4. Open Communication
Create a culture where you openly discuss wellbeing concerns and seek feedback from your teams. This two-way dialogue creates a supportive environment for ergonomic improvements.

5. Invest In Solutions
You can advocate for investments in ergonomic assessments, good office furniture and tools. This demonstrates your dedication to providing employees with the best possible work environment.

Leaders should be the torchbearers for better ergonomics. Just as children instinctively follow the leader in games, employees are more likely to adopt healthy ergonomic habits when they see their leaders doing the same.

By leading by example, organisations not only enhance the well-being of their workforce but also improve productivity, reduce the risk of workplace injuries, and create a culture of care and responsibility. So, let’s rediscover the wisdom of childhood games and allow leaders to pave the way to a healthier, more ergonomic future in the workplace.

Nichola Adams

Founder of Inspired Ergonomics

Nichola Adams, MSc Health Ergonomics, Tech CIEHF, ACPOHE Reg Member, is the Founder of Inspired Ergonomics.

Nichola is a specialist in back pain disorders in the workplace. Inspired Ergonomics regularly provides consultancy services to leading UK and International companies on how to reduce and prevent back pain in the workplace as well as working with rehabilitation companies.

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We can demonstrate that healthier, happier and nurtured employees perform better, are more dedicated, loyal and become evangelists for your brand. With our focus on desk space and comfort, we free your employees’ minds from any pain distractions that keep them working to their full potential, easing the distress and discomfort that back pain can cause.

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