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What does ChatGPT mean for ergonomics? The buzz term of the moment belongs to the latest innovation in AI technology, ChatGPT (or

Is Size All That Matters?

Is size all that matters? When it comes to ergonomics, sizing obviously plays an important part. We regularly use Anthropometric data to

Do you think ergonomists don’t care about what you eat? Well, think again! Here at Inspired Ergonomics we take a holistic approach

Have you got any New Years resolutions? The dreaded question returns once again! Some are committed to making big lifestyle changes, or

Success Secrets for Wellbeing

Nichola Adams, MSc Health Ergonomics, is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Success Secrets for Wellbeing’ book. Co-authored with 11 other expert

Why do you need postural advice for work? Good posture is essential in protecting your back against injury and long-term damage. It

Slouching at work can cause neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Sitting with good posture can aid in the healing process. Check

Featured in HR News

The wellbeing of employees should be high on the priority list for UK employers, with recent figures showing that in 2020-21, stress,

Best selling author

Want to know a secret? Maybe even more than one? Then you should get yourself a copy of this new book! ‘Success

Sit up and at right angles?!

Sit up and at right angles! We are all aware of this image! It is everywhere. Just Google clip art or stock

Are you in Tune?

As an ergonomist I see how out of place people are within their environment. Believing in a more holistic approach, I can

Yes, it is that time of year again, Blue Monday. It is indeed a hard time of year, where winter seems as