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Listen, Observe, Identify and Resolve

Our training in biomechanics, anthropometrics and psychology ensures behaviour and environment are optimised to improve comfort, productivity and usability.

We LISTEN to the user’s issues, to identify any possible triggers that may exacerbate their discomfort

WE OBSERVE behaviour to ensure we capture all areas of risk.

We then IDENTIFY the underlying causes, from poor working behaviours to a previous history of musculoskeletal issues, working through physical and psychological stressors to inform our proposed solutions

We RESOLVE the problems through a combination of education, postural advice, creation of
psychological prompts, signposting and, if required,
provide specialist equipment
recommendations from a range of suppliers

We provide clients with a ‘one stop shop’ for the vast majority of their ergonomics consultancy needs. This provides our clients with the confidence that we can be there to help no matter their concern.

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