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Online Tool Information

Online Training and Self-Assessment Information 

What is the purpose of the online self-assessment and training? 

An online self-assessment has been requested by you/your employer, the aim of which is to investigate your working tasks, the equipment/software used, organisational factors, posture and working behaviours to ensure they are compliant with local legislation and policy, and to identify any problems that may be interfering with your ability to perform your working tasks or contributing to symptoms you may be experiencing. The self-assessment allows our team to propose changes and remedial actions that could reduce or resolve any issues. 

How is the online training and self-assessment conducted? 

You will be sent an invitation to log in to our online training and self-assessment portal that will guide you through the process. The software is designed to help you assess your own workstation and will identify anyone who requires further support, equipment or a more specialist/personal assessment. You can complete the process in your own time, and we will be informed when you have completed it. You will be asked to answer a series of questions about your general health and lifestyle or history of any symptoms you have experienced. You may be asked to explain your job role, equipment used, working behaviours, tasks you complete and to describe any problems you encounter when performing your working tasks. You are encouraged to contact us via email to ask any questions at any stage of this process. 

If your risk level is identified as being low, your employer will be informed, and your case will be closed. If any problems are identified, your case will be escalated in line with the agreement held with your employer. This may involve sending you information, equipment or providing a remote or in-person assessment. 

Do I have to disclose sensitive information? 

You do not have to disclose information if you do not wish to, however, the more information the assessor has, the more suitable recommendations can be made. The failure to answer questions or to provide information may result in incorrect recommendations being made. 

What is included in the results and who sees it? 

Following completion of online training and self-assessment tool, the results are analysed by the Inspired Ergonomics team. Depending on the agreement held with your employer, your risk score and the information you provide when completing the tool will be shared with them, especially if further action or equipment is required or if we recommend your case is to be escalated to a full assessment. 

What happens after I complete the tool? 

The tool will identify your risk score. A low risk score usually means that no further action is required or some basic equipment is required. We will follow this up with you or your employer. A medium or high risk score means that further action or investigation is required. Your results will be analysed by our fully trained team and the correct action identified. This may involve providing you with further information, training, or equipment, or offering a full assessment via video conferencing or in-person with one of our ergonomics consultants, or your employer’s in-house assessors.

Do I have to participate? 

We have been engaged by your employer to provide this service, in line with your employer’s own duty of care obligations. For this reason, our processing of your data is not based on consent. You do not have to use the online self-assessment tool or participate in any part of this process if it makes you feel uncomfortable.  

 Your employer has a legal obligation to assess and reduce risk, where this is reasonably practicable, and generally you are required through your contract of employment to actively participate in this process. If you do not want to participate with the self-assessment process you are advised to contact your employer to discuss this further. 

What happens to my data? 

Your data is securely stored for a period not less than 8 (eight) years on the Inspired Ergonomics system, in compliance with current guidelines provided by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. More information can be found on our data protection page on our website. Once a report is shared with your employer, this will be treated in line with your company’s own data protection and retention policies. 

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns on [email protected]