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Driver Assessments

We can help to avoid driver-related discomfort by assessing the set-up of any driver in any vehicle. A Driver Assessment investigates the users job role and working habits and their current driving set up. The assessor also discusses in depth the users’ physical health needs before working with the user to formulate the most appropriate plan to suit their needs. Solutions include behavioural changes, adjustments to the current available offering (seat and steering wheel), or postural support specification. In some cases, it may be recommended that an alternative vehicle is considered. During all assessments the user is trained at every stage to ensure they understand the reasoning behind the assessment and recommendations made. Our team request photographs to be provided prior to a remote assessment, so we can visualise the set up. We also help guide users to take anthropometric measurements when required. Following the assessment, a full report will be provided detailing all findings, changes made, and further recommendations.

Standard Remote Average duration 30 minutes

Available worldwide via video conferencing platforms.

Standard In- Person Average duration 30 minutes

Available in the UK (and other locations on request).