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Ergonomics Consultancy (Design)

Our services go beyond DSE and office-based requirements. Our highly specialist team have a wealth of experience in all working environments, from laboratories to production lines, manufacturing to logistics and transport.

Ergonomics is a holistic, human-centric approach to looking at the way we interact with the world around us. Our design consultancy services involve an in-depth analysis of each working task including:

  1. The equipment used
  2. The environment
  3. The people performing the task including their:
    • biomechanics
    • anthropometrics
    • cognitive abilities

Any reported issues are investigated and the aims of the client are discussed. Following analysis, the consultant works with the client to develop a strategy to resolve any problems, improve productivity and quality, and reduce the risk of injury and ill-health.

Possible recommendations include improved workplace design, furniture recommendations, engineering solutions, training the workforce, assistive aids or technology.

It is best to involve an ergonomist at the start of a design process, whenever possible, as their guidance can often lead to reduced risk to the workforce and avoid the need for costly changes further down the line.

This service can often be delivered both remotely and in-person.