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Home Workstation Assessment - DSE

Delivered in person or remotely, our DSE Workstation Assessments investigate the users job role and working habits, their current workstation set up and work organisation. The assessor also discusses in depth the users’ mental and physical health needs before working with the user to formulate the most appropriate plan to suit their needs. Solutions include behavioural changes, postural adjustments, equipment repositioning or specification. There is a legal requirement in the UK for an employer to assess the risks of any DSE user and mitigate against the risks where reasonably practicable.

Assessments should be performed:

  • for all new starters
  • when work location, organisation or software is changed
  • when the health needs of an individual change (such as a reported
    discomfort, injury or pregnancy)

During all assessments the user is trained at every stage to ensure they understand the reasoning behind the assessment and recommendations made. Our team request photographs to be provided prior to a remote assessment, so we can visualise the environment. We also help guide users to take anthropometric measurements when required. Following the assessment, a full report will be provided detailing all findings, changes made, and further recommendations including specification of equipment if required. In these cases, we can specify from your existing suppliers, or from our established network where we can pass on our discount codes to you (where applicable).

We offer different levels of DSE Workstation Assessments to suit the needs of our clients for both home and office environments.

30 minute Remote Assessment

Suitable for:

  • those with mild current/previous musculoskeletal discomfort
  • pregnancies with or without associated discomfort
  • those that wish to improve their workstation set up for long term benefits
  • standard screening
  • those with mild visual symptoms and headaches
Available remotely worldwide via video conferencing platforms.

    60 minute Remote Assessment

    Suitable for those that meet the above standard category criteria whilst also:

    • experiencing complex medical needs such as multiple pain locations, recent surgery, acute pain, more severe discomfort levels, mental health concerns, neurological disorders such as stroke
    • planning or completing a return to work after a health-related absence
    Available remotely worldwide via video conferencing platforms.

    In Person Assessment

    Duration 30 – 60 minutes

    Available in the UK (and other locations on request)