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Manual Handling Assessments & Training

Manual Handling Assessments

Companies have a legal obligation to provide suitable and sufficient risk assessments and to reduce the level of risk to employees to the lowest level reasonably practicable.

A basic risk assessment can take place for light items that are not frequently handled, such as the handling of post, loading of printer paper or other similar tasks. Employees can then be trained how to reduce their risk, including the use of any equipment such as postal trolleys or other aids that have been made available.

It is strongly recommended that a more detailed risk assessment is performed by a suitably competent person when loads are handled frequently, are heavier or if injuries have occurred previously. The assessment considers:

  • the postures adopted
  • how far the load is lifted, lowered or carried
  • the frequency of the task
  • the weight and nature of the load
  • floor surfaces and space available
  • lighting, extremes of temperature
  • workers’ strength, fitness and underlying medical conditions (for example a history of back problems)

Whenever possible the hierarchy of risk control is used, aiming to eliminate handling or where this is not possible reduce risk through the implementation of control measures. These may include redesign of a process, work area or production line, use of equipment, engineering solutions and training.

Video Analysis

Available remotely worldwide via video conferencing platforms.

In Person Assessment

Available in the UK (and other locations upon request).


Manual Handling Training Courses

Manual Handling courses are designed to be task specific and relevant to those on the course. The level of training ranges from basic for low-risk environments, such as for office workers to highly specialist, task specific training to suit high risk environments including factory settings, construction, logistics and warehousing. These courses are often well suited to be delivered following a review of manual handling processes, which can be performed by our specialists to ensure your ways of working are up to date and the legal obligation to reduce the risk of injury for employees is fulfilled.

The manual handling courses will cover the mechanics of the human body, different ways of handling, performing a personal risk assessment to reduce individual risk, team handling and the use of aids to further reduce risk.

Our Manual Handling Train the Trainer courses are designed to train individuals to perform detailed risk assessments in the workplace using validated tools and to design and deliver in-house training to ensure risk reduction in the whole workplace. This course is suitable for managers or those who are nominated to be responsible for Health and Safety in the workplace.

All of our courses are informative, concise, full of real-world examples, and include the opportunity for supervised practice to aid confidence.

Courses can be delivered in-person or remotely, on a global scale if required. Please note, in-person courses have the benefit of a more hands-on approach with common equipment solutions provided.

Course duration: from 6 hours (including lunch and comfort breaks – lunch not provided)