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Online Ergonomics Assessment Portal

Inspired Ergonomics have developed an online training and assessment portal for our clients. It is:

simple · cost-effective · efficient

The portal has been developed for both home and office use, ensuring that employees understand how to adjust their posture and equipment, wherever they are working. This helps to reduce any associated risks and ensures compliance with legal obligations.

The portal can be used as a way to formally record risk assessment outcomes and identify which employees require further support or assessment. A short follow-up is conducted, as standard, for each completed assessment to ensure the outcome was successful.

The portal is fully managed by our team of specialist assessors. When further support is required, we can provide a pack of training materials, guidance on equipment provision and individual assessment services, as required. The portal is designed to provide easily accessible data, helping to give you reporting stats and proof of ROI. There are no hidden costs – one tool is suitable for all.

Why choose us?

DSE Compliant – As an employer, you have a duty to assess the risks posed to your employees that use DSE and mitigate them where practicable through training and reasonable adjustments.

Succinct, Yet Complete – Smart branching ensures that only relevant training and advice is provided for each individual.

Ability To Adapt Content – We will work with you to provide the tool you need, for example including an in-house link to your eye testing policy.

Targeted Education – Training is provided throughout the tool to ensure healthy behavioural changes are made for long term physical wellbeing.

Designed By Ergonomists – The content has been carefully constructed by a team of Ergonomists, Physiotherapists and Sports Scientists.

Capturing Risks Early – Identifying those who are struggling with discomfort or pain quickly and efficiently, enabling targeted support to be provided sooner rather than later, reducing recovery times and sick leave.