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Workplace Walkaround

We can visit for a half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours) to provide a walkaround service. This service consists of one of our own Ergonomists visiting your premises to educate your employees on good behavioural habits, suitable workstation equipment positioning and optimal chair set up. This service is well-suited for employers who would like to gain an overview on common issues within the office.

During the walkaround our Ergonomists will make any quick and easy changes available to them, such as adjusting the chair set up, or obtaining footrests/monitor stands when necessary (and where available).

It is difficult to give an exact number of how many employees can be visited on a workplace walkaround, as the time taken is very dependent on the number of issues present, employee availability at that time and interest from each individual. However, our experience tells us that we see on average anywhere between 4 to 8 people per hour.

A spreadsheet is provided to detail who has been seen and any issues and recommendations that have been identified. Please note, a full assessment will not be conducted during this time, however this may be a recommendation for some employees if further assistance is found to be required.