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Workplace Walkaround Information

What is a Workplace Walkaround?

A Workplace Walkaround has been requested by you/your employer, the aim of which is to educate you and your colleagues with training on healthy working, such as what constitutes a suitable Display Screen Equipment (DSE) workstation set up, other healthy habits or other aspects of health and wellbeing. The assessor would also assess and document any risk factors so that your employer can support you to make any simple changes to help overcome any problems that might be interfering with your ability to perform your working tasks. If the assessor identifies that you have any complex needs, your case will be identified for escalation and more in-depth support. This service enables your employer to gain an overview on any common issues that may be present within the office and the assessor will make any quick and easy changes available to them during their visit, such as adjusting the set-up of the chair, or obtaining footrests/monitor stands when necessary (and where available).

What information might be recorded during the Walkaround?

During the walkaround the assessor will record details in a spreadsheet such as the first and last name of any employees that have participated in the service, as well as a summary of any issues identified, any changes that were made at the time and any further recommendations. It may also contain your desk location, such as floor, pod or desk number. It may contain some measurements of your current equipment or your own body, such as the length of your back or thigh, so that any additional equipment (should it be necessary) can be recommended correctly. To protect your privacy and confidentiality, it will not usually contain any sensitive health data that specifically contains a diagnosis or reveals information about specific medical treatments – you can agree to this information being provided to your employer, but we will not do so unless you explicitly agree to this, or if we believe that we have a legal safeguarding obligation to do so under safeguarding law or to prevent harm. Usually, the spreadsheet will refer to symptom type and area (such as back pain or pins and needles in the hand) so that your employer can understand why modifications are being suggested.

Do I have to disclose sensitive information?

You do not have to disclose information if you do not wish to, however, the more information the assessor has, the more suitable recommendations can be made. The failure to answer questions or to provide information may result in incorrect recommendations being made.

Who sees the results?

The spreadsheet is sent to the person or department that has requested the service. In order to implement changes, this may be shared with relevant parties in your company, in line with your company policies and procedures.

Do I have to participate?

You do not have to participate in any part of this process if it makes you feel uncomfortable. We ask you to inform the assessor of any concerns you have to allow them to work with you to find another way to obtain the information required, or to discuss ways to ensure that no sensitive information is disclosed unnecessarily to your employer. Your employer has a legal obligation to assess and reduce risk, where reasonably practicable, and generally you are required through your contract of employment to actively participate in this process. If you do not want to participate with the walkaround service, you are advised to contact your employer to discuss this further.

Can I specify/book a time to participate in the Walkaround?

Depending on the organisation of the service, the number of people and layout of your office, it may be possible for you to indicate your preference for the assessor to visit your area in the morning or afternoon, when booked for the full day. Due to the nature of this service, it is not possible for you to book a specific time, although the Inspired Ergonomics team will try to accommodate as many requests for support as they can during their visit. It is advised that managers help to arrange for groups of people, sitting in the same area, to be available at the same time so that they join in any discussions as a group.

Can I be seen at another time?

We hold an agreement with your employer that requires us to visit on a specific date and in some cases a morning or afternoon visit only.  Should you be unavailable on this agreed date and time period, please contact your employer to discuss how they can support you further.

What happens to my personal data?

Your data is securely stored for a period of 8 (eight) years on the Inspired Ergonomics system, in compliance with current guidelines provided by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. More information can be found on our data protectionpage, on our website. Once a spreadsheet is shared with your employer, this will be treated in line with yourcompany’s own data protection and retention policies.

Other information

When providing all of our services, we request that attendees are respectful and attentive. All of our services put individual needs front and centre, and everyone is treated equally and with the utmost respect. For this reason, we embrace constructive engagement, but we maintain the right to terminate any service for any inappropriate behaviour from any employee or their colleagues.

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