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Are you in Tune?

As an ergonomist I see how out of place people are within their environment. Believing in a more holistic approach, I can

Yes, it is that time of year again, Blue Monday. It is indeed a hard time of year, where winter seems as

It was invigorating to do my first in person talk in 2 years yesterday. It is amazing how much energy you get

Working From Home Update

With the emergence of the new Omicron Covid 19 variant, Inspired Ergonomic’s clients are reporting the on going concern amongst employees return

The Health and Safety Executive have updated their guidance, making it a requirement now to look after your employees when they are

As an ergonomic consultancy, specialising in preventing and reducing back pain in the workplace, we have provided 1,000’s of remote homeworking assessments

HYBRID OR ‘SMART’ WORKING IS HERE TO STAY A number of large companies have recently announced that it will be allowing their

The Goldilocks Principle

There is a paper written by Professor Leon Straker, from Curtin University, where he talks about ‘The Goldilocks principle in designing physical

Delighted that the beautiful On Office Magazine (providing architect and design at work news) have included my article in their October Issue.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have just updated their advice to say that employers have the SAME health and safety responsibilities

FSB MAGAZINE, THE VOICE Thank you so much to Peter Crush for including me in his comprehensive article on Stress relief for

I had the pleasure of meeting (remotely) and chatting with Barbara McLullich recently. She is inspirational and she kindly agreed to share